LED Joule Thief - 0.7-1.5V

LED diode on 1.5V or less – Joule Thief

WANTED – Joule Thief This is the thief which is responsible for stealing energy from single cell batteries, even in wasted ones. Simple LED Playground You Can Use Single Cell Battery for Lighting LED...

Ohm’s Law Calculator

Ohm’s Law Calculator

OHMs LAW CALCULATOR Calculate volts, amperes, ohms and watts by two inputs Only two values requred V – mean volts A – mean amperes Ω – mean ohms W – mean watts


LED Home Lights

LED Light Hello everyone, here’s a project with LEDs that recently the development of technology is slowly taking their place as a very efficient type of lighting. However the technology is still relatively expensive...

VeeCAD brief review 1/2

VeeCAD brief review 1/2

Stripboard editor that supports Atarado prototyping boards and run in Ubuntu. Whoever uses some software for stripboard work, have to hear about VeeCAD. This CAD/CAE software has lot of options to easily create your...

VeeCAD stripboard editor sample of copying components

VeeCAD brief review 2/2

Then I open two instances of VeeCAD, in other I opened the library and copy to first instance. In both VeeCADs opened help, that’s something I always go around when working with some new...

Water Level Controller

Water Level Controller

This is one of mine projects which can be helpful for controlling water level in water tank. I made it on one of Atarado SMART prototyping PCB for which I can tell all the...


Frequency Generator/Counter

The functional generator is a device that would have any better equipped electronic lab should have a not so frequently used gadgets, but when you need it, we certainly appreciate its convenience. Here is...


Guitar Tube Amplifier 5 to 10W

For those who have asked me about my tube works, which occurred after one of my old site (now at alex.elektronika.com.hr), I’ll put photos, diagrams and bit descriptions. GUITAR TUBE AMP 5 TO 10...

gitarski amp 5w

15W Guitar Tube Amplifier

Here is an example of tube guitar amplifiers that was first made into an even smaller box, but as I was not satisfied with the available speaker of 8″,  I made another box with...

Alphanumeric LED displays

Alphanumeric LED displays

As probably You already know, pinout of these displays are “standardized; 14-pin and 16-pin (with backlight), but there are some exceptions. Some (chinese) manufacturers swap pins 1 and 2, which is power supply (+5V...