15W Guitar Tube Amplifier

Here is an example of cialis discount vioxx tube guitar amplifiers that was first made into an even smaller box, but as I was not satisfied with the available speaker of 8″,  I made another box with 10-inch Celestion Tube 10 speaker in which moved chassis in.

Guitar Tube Amplifier – 15w Push-Pull

This was designed as a push-pull amplifier with two EL84 (6BQ5) lamp, done in a minimalist way, and drives only in the output stage, giving the typical British sound and this whole combo fits in your pocket.

It was the foundation for the development of Magic Toaster whose details can be seen on alex.elektronika.com.hr and attached here is this schematic, since the differences are less important. So:

Well aimed mouse click on this scheme will, cialis 4 tablets surprisingly, increase picture size, and you will be able to take a better look to see main principle.

The scheme is very simple and sound is distinctive with limited coloration. So I got what I wanted. In order to help is the DPDT deep switch  that gives a generic cialis online a href basic mid-low coloration that characterizes aggressive drive, and warm clean. When the switched off the tone is distinctive honky, why the British amp gained popularity and drive is thick with rich harmonics and  very melodic.

You will notice that the tone and volume control are rail-to-rail behind the phase inverter. The solution is discount viagra usa not in engineer manner, but because the signal path leaves Spartan easy to obtain the tonal characteristics of what I philosophised in the previous paragraph. Tube rectifying is for anyone who wants a softer sound, cheap viagra journals quizilla and replaced with silicon diodes attack is a little more shiny with lots of high harmonics. Someone that will not even notice, someone will not be important, but if you digging too deep it’s good to know.

Aaaa …. that. One block capacitor of 470pF has to be silver mica, because it takes care to maintain the order zenegra viagra highest harmonics that giggle, later, in the output stage. Okay.

Basic information:

2x ECC83 (12AX7)

2 x EL84 (6BQ5)

A class, 10″ speaker Celestion Tube 10

gitarski amp 5w-


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