Guitar Tube Amplifier 5 to 10W

For those who have asked me about my tube works, which occurred after one of buying viagra in japan my old site (now at, I’ll put photos, diagrams and bit descriptions.


According to customer request, I started to build low-power amplifier, class A, which is easily portable and can serve as a stage monitor for guitarist who plays on it. He also should have a drive master volume performance, viagra sample 50mg and the output stage should be with the interchangeable pentode type for a wider choice of tone coloration.

Following these requirements immediately come to a compromise on the issue of establishing an output impedance of the transformer. Output pentode, which is is viagra from india real replaced by another type of substantially different characteristics requires careful selection of operating point, current flow, the operating voltage and finally the output transformer primary impedance, so that the amplifier output stage always worked in the declared operating conditions, regardless of which tube in the output stage does the job.

Another issue when designing an electronic circuit is to get a drive that is all tube derivative, and that sounds good, regardless of the output. When I think of a good drive, cheap cialis daily always looking for ways to guitarist style are not disintegrated with electronic solutions in which the way of playing an instrument, still sounding somewhat similar, which stifles individual characteristics of musician.

As shown in the diagram, in the first stage I used ultralinear EF86 pentode, which in combination with one ECC83 (12AX7) achieves drive that has a character in a way that the attack was clearly pronounced in low picking, a crunched when picking a stronger wire. This helter-skelter terminology is a matter of mutual understanding us guitarists and one day delivery cialis not a scientific category. When describing the sound, must always come to such exhibition, sooner or later, especially since it goes into more detail ….

One half of the triode ECC83 (12AX7) – is cathode follower, not because it takes a signal current gain in these circumstances, but because it gives some degree of load to stage before, and cialis user forum made ​​cut on the opposite semiperiod than those which suffered in prior stage.

To get it clear, please take a look at schematic.

At short:pojačalo A klasa 5-10W
1 x EF86
1 x ECC83 (12AX7)
1 x  6V6 – EL34 – KT88 – 6L6 (interchangable)
A class, 10″ alnico speaker

Tube amp


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