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Hello everyone, here’s a viagra online url href project with LEDs that recently the development of technology is slowly taking their place as a very efficient type of lighting. However the technology is still relatively expensive and not yet ready to buy n viagra replace other types of lighting, but it is great for decorative purposes.

So here’s my first project (on this page of course):

Colors of LED Light

(in 1073741824 colors)

Fact is that RGB LED’s consists of 3 basic colors (red, green and blue). Each color can be finely adjusted to 1024 levels (10-bit color), which gives a total 1024x1024x1024 combination, or 10 bit x  30 bit color 2 ^ 30 = 1073741824; quite simple.

So get back to the main problem.

What We Need for Our LED Light:

- RGB LED strip 5m common anode
- 12V rectifier of
viagra half price pharmacy 2000mA and I have used 12V 5A switcher

- development kit V-Systems R&D  with attiny 261/461/861 microcontroller which is developed by Wersi
- additional board with 3 N-channel mosfets as LED drivers
- button with built in LED
- linear pot – 10 kOhm -3 pieces
- U profiles 20 x 20 mm
- junction box
- ISP programmer for AVR microcontrollers

Driver for LED strip is based on Wersi’s Atarado R&D kit which before assembling looks like on this link.

The “brain” of circuit is Atmel attiny 261 which have three 10-bit PWM channels, which is exactly what we need for precise adjustment of LEDs intensity. More about PWM regulation take a look here.

For those which cannot use advantages of Atarado kit there’s schematic:
LED light schematic download

LED Light Schematic

I made the printed circuit board that connects easily with Atarado board. Driver has 3 N-MOSFETs IRFR3303 as you can see on cialis 20 mg peak time schematic. I used MOSFETs instead of BJT transistors because of their small size and low power consumption, and possibilites of further connectivity of more LEDs (150-200W). That means, in the near future if you need to add some amount of cheap cialis india LEDs, the only limitation is supply that is able to give 5A which is about 72W.

Schematic for LED light – download

Take look at LED light schematic on the right. By click on image you can download that schematic in pdf format.

LED light mounting

LED strips are self-adhesive and can be shortened on some positions. Lites are glued inside the L profile that serves as a lightshade, overnight cialis tadalafil so that the light is reflecting from the wall. The color and intensity is regulated by three sliding potentiometer (each for its color). Pushbutton is used for instant on/off LED light with builtin light that illuminates when the LEDs are switched off for finding in the dark.

Source for microcontroller and documentation with GPL licence is available and you can download it here.

See Some Pictures of LED Light Implementation:


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