Eagle CAD – how to panelize PCB layout in Cadsoft Eagle

Eagle CAD – panelize just as copy-paste PCB

Help in Cadsoft Eagle for panelizing your layout

The Cadsoft Eagle is one of viagra without rx the most used CAD programs for making electronics circuit as well as PCB layouts. This exceptional piece of software is widely accepted by users cause of vast number of options as also for the reason that is version with limitations (but still enough for small jobs) downloadable for free.

The Eagle has his own ULP language for various jobs. This opens new and customized possibilities for extra users options. But limitations of the panelize.ulp is compare cialis online to much to let you done the job in your own way. But you can panelize your PCB in manner of copy and paste. I wrote it because it’s not exactly copy/paste common job. If you try to copy, open another pcb (.brd file) job and generic cialis cheap paste you will get this message:

ERROR: Paste buffer is empty!

Eagle CAD - How to Panelize

Eagle panelizing with different PCB - board layouts

No-sweat panelize of different PCB layouts

Now, we have problems with paste buffer, an have to solve it. The fact is that standard copy paste is meant to use in it’s own window. If you try to open new layout, paste fails. Here is the generic viagra levitra generic cialis pills remedy for those situation:

For instance, you have myboard1.brd and myboard2.brd file an you need panelization of both in third – mypanel.brd file. I suggest you to use same grid spacing on source and destination file – just to be easier to fit board to board layout.

1. – Open the viagra online huge discounts myboard1.brd file with your first PCB layout in Eagle then use group select tool and cover whole visible layers you want to copy as group. Then hold ctrl key and pick on it with right mouse click. On mouse release you have picture of what you copying then move anywhere to empty space ON discount on cialis SAME WINDOW and use LEFT CLICK. Now you placed whole group of staff on visible layers somewhere in the same window of your myboard1.brd. After that CLOSE THE LAYOUT WINDOW without need to save changes. Don’t close Eagle’s Control Panel!

2. – Open the cialis 20 mg drug empty mypanel.brd file and click on paste icon. Paste it where you want one, two, three….times, as much as you like. Eagle fills paste buffer to work between layouts only when you do upper procedure with clicking copied objects on the same window. No matter do you want to do this or not. Now save your panelized PCB-s and buying viagra affilated with pharmacy center close those window without closing Eagle Control Panel.

3. – Open myboard2.brd file to add your second PCB layout to the same panel (if you wish, ofcourse). Follow the 1st procedure and do exactly as you did in first copying.

4. – Open mypanel.brd file with panelled PCB layouts from yours myboard1 layout. Paste your second PCB work in places as you like as in second procedure. Now panel as much PCB layouts as you like on the cialis without prescription in canada same way you did those before.

Enjoy in Eagle. Or maybe you want to try THIS .

PS: Join at 3lectronics community and participate if you will.


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8 Responses

  1. No-Sweat, just sweet tutorials. Thank you so much.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m very glad that helps. Cheers!

  3. Delpap says:

    Is this methode applies to all Eagle version ?

  4. Alex says:

    I souldn’t know.. it works with 5.7 or so.

  5. Chris S. says:

    This seems to re-number part names on each sub-panel…
    eg. R1 – R5 becomes R6 – R10 on the second copy, and so on.
    Which makes it not very useful if you want the screen printed names to be correct.
    Any ideas about how to prevent that?

  6. Alex says:

    I have never opportunity to deal with it, but simple ulp written script will be helpful. Is there some autorenumber option which can be unchecked!?
    Have no time to try it, but I would be focused on ulp script for sure.