VeeCAD brief review 1/2

Stripboard software that supports Atarado prototyping boards

Stripboard editor that supports Atarado prototyping boards and run in Ubuntu.

Whoever uses some software for stripboard work, have to generic cialis soft comparison hear about VeeCAD. This CAD/CAE software has lot of options to easily create your circuitry, coded to run under Windows. We test it’s stability and push it trough Wine on Ubuntu. Author Roger Lascelles develop this program in Windows native code and I downloaded free version of buy cialis online online a href software 2_24_0_0 and start experimenting on Ubuntu.

VeeCAD stripboard - veroboard software installing in Ubuntu

When installing it under Linux don’t forget to check executable bit and to check Wine Program Loader in properties of .exe installer. Installing those stripboard editor goes fast and without any problems.

VeeCAD stripboard layout editor installing

Now we can test how stable it runs in unpredictable circumstances. I use Linux Mint in general, but at this computer I have weak graphics (onboard Intel GPU with shared graphic), so I like test it with Compiz effects pushed hard on 2048×1156 monitor. I also used four desktops with rotating cylinder, wobbly windows and brand name cialis online bunch of graphic  effects to achieve critical environment for code. You can say “..hey, that’s a wine stability check” but you’ll be wrong. My testing with other software tells me different.

VeeCAD supports Atarado prototyping boards

Other stripboard layout editors for Windows failed huge, even they are much simpler with functions than VeeCAD.

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