Water Level Controller

This is one of citrate generic sildenafil viagra php mine projects which can be helpful for controlling water level in water tank. I made it on one of Atarado SMART prototyping PCB for which I can tell all the best.

Controller for water tank managing water pump and take care of water level. This is common problem of keeping level in between two limiting positions, buy by cialis money order and I used the simple wire as sensor. Those sensors switching upper and lower level when reached and tells controller when to turn on and off the water pump.

Here’s the schematic diagram:

water level schematic

Circuit is based on the cheapest Atmels microcontroller Atmel ATTINY13. I used Atarado UNI board which I get from Atarado’s testing samples. It made whole job easy as breeze. Microcontroller take care of pills cialis sensors state and switches on the pump when water reach lower limit. Sensor is made of two simple wire and when it loses resistance to viagra indian substitute infinite, controller switches pump. Upper sensor made same job, but in reversed way. The switching on/of pump is through mosfet drived relay. The resistors of 1M are for liquid impedancy and when using clear water it is about 0.5 to viagra fedex overnight shipping 1M.

Whole controller can be done in half of hour (with same board).

Shematic and hex can be downloaded  here.

water level pcbwater level

water level relaysocket and relay for water level controlerMore photos soon!



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